2016-04-10 - It's Finally Here!Posted by Tory

Dumpster Fire can now be downloaded from Jamendo. Put that in your snout. We're planning on a physical CD pressing with release on July 15th at the Last Frontier in Fall City.

2015-08-18 - Kraken Show AftermathPosted by Bungholio

Thanks to those who came out and banged your heads. It was great to get out and play with Powerhitter and Burlington Coat Felony. Hope to see everybody at the next one, until then...Keep your stick on the ice.

2014-12-28 - Album Progress and ProcreationPosted by Matt

This yearly update is to announce that we have continued work on the album. It's closer to being done than ever before. Also, great job Tory and Crystal in making a kid. It's a holiday present you can't re-gift for 18 years.

2013-07-28 - Some photos from guest vocal shotsPosted by Tory

Here are some photos from some of the guest vocal work on the new Album. Michelle and Neal, shredding their throats:

2013-06-11 - Two New Fuckin' ShowsPosted by Me

Two shows coming up. June 20th with Nordis at Eastlake Zoo Tavern and June 23rd with Negative Hole and Lb! at the 2 Bit Saloon. Don't be a weiner. Come to the shows and bang your head (against a wall if you choose).

2013-04-10 - Metal Monday at the 2 Bit SaloonPosted by Matt

We're playing with Gunslinger and Anticulture on April 22nd. If your neck isn't sore from Sunday at the Kraken, come see the show and headbang some more. If your neck is already sore, drink to make it feel better.

2013-03-04 - Upcoming Show At The KrakenPosted by Matt

It's a show at The Kraken. We're playing with ubik., Czar, and Odyssey. Gonna be a fun one. April 21st folks. Plan ahead now.

2013-02-07 - Finger to the heartPosted by Biff

One more step on the road to the utter disappointment. Cows will be stoked...

2012-11-20 - Let the slaughter begin!Posted by Biff

So, as the annual mass killing of birds for mass consumption is at hand, so is the continuing honing of the musical ax. As the weeks have rolled by, slowly the grinding has begun to take a more solid edge, a bit crisper and more defined. Soon, that edge shall be wielded towards the cowering few who dare to advance upon its fury. Let the sparks fly...cover your junk.

2012-10-10 - Slamming Skins is so worth it.....Posted by Biff

So, after wanting to slam the click track against a wall until it stops, the drums have 'Officially' been completed. Raise your arms to the sky and rejoice.

2012-09-14 - Monthly Studio UpdatePosted by Matt

We are a little further along with the recording process than we were last month.

2012-08-23 - 10%Posted by Matt

It's official folks! Tracking on the new Burning of I album is probably 10% complete.

2012-07-31 - Did a little drum tracking last nightPosted by Tory

Learning to love and hate our relationship with the click track. It's unforgiving and brutal.

2012-07-29 - Gettin's some o' that meat...Posted by Biff

Got fat on some killer tacos. Grab the farts...fats...grab something.

2012-07-10 - The beginning...Posted by Biff

After some time now, some good pre-production thoughts & an ass ton of beers, it looks like there is movement at camp. Mics are being placed with the plan of letting them collect whatever they may pick up...or it could just be gas.

2012-05-23 - Studio UpdatePosted by Matt

It's been a little while with no updates. Collarbones are mending again. It turns out that soccer is just as dangerous as skateboarding. Who could have imagined...

This doesn't mean we've been idle. We've taken the opportunity to welcome our friends Bad Love Sessions to our studio. They spent the last weekend over here rockin' tough. Check them out if you like good music. They'll make you drip or something...

2012-04-25 - Unforeseen CircumstancesPosted by Matt

Sorry guys and ghouls, we will no longer be able to play the benefit show in Bremerton this Saturday. However, the show will go on without us. Head over there and check it out.

Saturday, April 28th, 3 PM, $10 @ The Charleston in Bremerton - An amazing Metal show for the National Assoc. to PROTECT Children! A HUGE day of Metal that will be Friggin' Sweet! Come and show your support for PROTECT with music by, Ceremonial Castings, Gravenloch, Crush Your Enemies, Corpse Ravager, Funeral Age, Jack Havock, Blood & Thunder, Chemical Castration, Trioxin and Govinda!! All proceeds go to PROTECT. Raffles all day and plenty to be had by everyone who attends...

2012-04-21 - Today is the day of the Bonebat "Comedy of Horrors" film festival.Posted by Matt

Time to melt faces and destroy lives. See you there.

2012-04-14 - One week to BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film FestivalPosted by Matt

In one week we will be playing the BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Festival. That means you only have one week to find something else to do! Better get working on those excuses! Pick up an extra shift at work? Wash your dog? I'm sure you can think of something. You're a smart boy or girl or something in between! Or if you'd prefer you can just be lazy and come to the show. Also if you are easily offended, then penis.

2012-04-03 - Winning with WhiskeyPosted by Biff

After a few glasses of quality whiskey, another tune was ground out...chunky.

2012-03-25 - ThanksPosted by Matt

To everybody who came out to our contemporary jazz recital last night, we thank you for your attendance.

2012-03-23 - First show in months.....Posted by Biff

Tomorrow night is the night. BOI's first show in almost 8 months. This is gonna be a release of lots of pent up energy. Gather by its warmth.

2012-03-22 - Its even Laser LaterPosted by SOB

Yeah. Late. What ya gonna do about the progression...? Be METAL. Rants will pRoGrEsssssss......Eat it all.

2012-03-21 - It is late...Posted by Biff

Its is late. I may have to complete digestion. That is all.

2012-03-20 - Updates...Posted by Biff

A quick update about the Bremerton PROTECT Benefit show, Progenitor is now been replaced by Corpse Ravager. Also there our first show in about 8 months will be this Saturday Night! Come out to Darrell's Tavern in Shorline to get your face kicked in! Sick lineup and all for just $6! Show starts @ 9PM, so get there early and grab a few frosty brews too!

2012-03-12 - Shows out on the horizon...Posted by Biff

Take note of all the updated info for up and coming shows around the Seattle/Eastside area!! Lots of great bands and such to be seen...Come out and show your support to everyone who is willing to lay it out there.

2012-03-07 - Back on the derailing trainPosted by Jesse

We have begun the grueling process of reminding ourselves of how to play a few songs we have left on the shelf for awhile. Gotta spit polish everything for some up and coming live shows this and next month. Come and give a listen...

2012-03-02 - GuitardsPosted by Jacob

2012-03-01 - Vocal Pre-ProductionPosted by Matt

You're welcome.

2012-02-20 - Youtoobin and Drum Pre-ProductionPosted by Matt

We've got a youtube channel now. The world can weep.

2012-02-12 - Getting on with drumsPosted by Tory

Had a good day worth of drum pre-production on Saturday. Tory rethought his drumkit a bit for the new album. Pictures are up here. Tory also started a new blog, and described the new album kit in more detail in the first post, at

2012-01-16 - Some Ideas Shouldn't Be Shared.Posted by Jacob

We've been messing around in the studio a bit. Here's a very rough rendition of a new song.

The Blackout Button (Vocal Test) (Right Click, Save As)

2012-01-12 - Major website update today. Posted by Tory

We changed a bunch of stuff under the hood (and I brushed off my PhP) to make the website dynamic. Also, added RSS feeds! Check the links to the right.

2012-01-12 - Burning of I playing live again!Posted by Tory

We're going to be jumping out back on the stage again for a couple dates this Spring, including the BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" film fest, which is going to rule!

2011-12-25 - A Special Day. Posted by Matt

Burning of I would like to wish Issac Newton a happy birthday. How could we be so heavy without the inventor of gravity?

2011-12-19 - Logos Needed.Posted by Matt

Burning of I is looking new logos. There is a very good chance that you have more talent for graphic design than any of us do. Take a moment to view the old logos at the top of this page. They need some updating. We have no ideas or direction. We need something for use on the website, show posters, and other merchandise. Please sketch ideas and send them to us.

2011-12-08 - Bio and Discography Added. Posted by Matt

Look for the big red box below that says "click to open/close band biography and discography." Click it, then read. There is a simple show calendar off to the right now too.

2011-12-05 - It Lives!Posted by Matt

First band practice in quite some time today. The world should know the beast is alive!

2011-11-07 - Show Review by Eric from .ubik.Posted by Matt

It was posted back in April. Go here to read it. Thanks Eric. Also, check out .ubik here and go see them live.

2011-11-06 - Image Gallery and Music Player Added.Posted by Matt

Ever needed a reason to go deaf? Check it out to the right. Ever needed a reason to go blind? Check it out below. I'll add more pictures soon in case you need more encouragement. If you have photos that you think deserve to be on, email us. Otherwise, go post that crap on Facebook.

2011-11-05 - New Burning of I Website is here.Posted by Matt

Website TemplateBurning of I has been hard at work on a new website for nearly three decades. Yes, the wait has been long and tiresome. No, there is no porn here. Sorry. Maybe someday...

For now we've just got the basics to keep things simple. Please visit the links at the side to learn all there is to know about Burning of I. You'll be sorry you did!

2011-11-05 - Band UpdatePosted by Matt

rockin it toughWriting will resume when broken bones mend.

2011-07-29 - Oh Crap! Jacob Quits BOI.Posted by Matt

World ends...J/K.

2011-07-04 - Happy Fourth of July from Burning of I.Posted by Matt

Don't blow off any fingers, we need them all for putting up the horns m/

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